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The technology available to help the visually impaired children is costly, ranging from $170 to $12,000. While the school system is required to purchase these items for children, it is getting more difficult to justify the cost given budget cuts. Schools that purchase the items retain ownership, and children lose the use of them when they graduate.

There are many camps available throughout the state of Maryland for the visually impaired. Camps are divided into groups for children and young adults ages 6 through 21 years. Christopher attended a five-day camp this year and came home much more confident in traveling by himself with his cane, being in a cafeteria with a tray, and just doing daily things. The cost of these camps vary from $300 to $4,000.

The National Federation of the Blind hosts a state and a national convention each year. It gives the visually impaired an opportunity to be with other visually impaired people and provide good role models. The cost to sponsor a child to go to the state convention is $150, and the national convention costs between $500 - $1,000.

The I C.A.N. Foundation’s wish is to help the visually impaired in our community by offering them the chance to participate in these important events and provide them with the tools to live their lives equally with the sighted community.

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