I C.A.N. Foundation

Established in 2005, A Fund of The Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc.

The Foundation

The I C.A.N. Foundation was established in 2005 to help visually impaired, especially youth, obtain the technology and other items needed to keep them equal with the sighted community.

On February 15, 1998 our lives changed drastically…for the better. Christopher Andrew Nusbaum was born, prematurely. Five weeks after he was born we found out he was blind. Thus, our education began.

First we learned of the public’s fear of blindness. We realized the expectations of a blind child (person) are less than they are for a sighted one. We quickly came to realize that through education and technology the blind can be equal with their sighted peers. The obstacle is the price for this technology.

In 2004 we started to educate the public about the blind and their ability to be equal. We did and continue to do this through a presentation we put together. We speak at Lions Clubs and other service organizations. Through this presentation we found many people who wanted to help offset the cost of the technology, but there was no one place for them to donate. Thus, the I C.A.N. Foundation was formed.